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1-on-1 Online Product & Program Launch Coaching with Conscious Webpreneur Founder Devin Slavin Find Out More!

Welcome Conscious Leaders, Changemakers, and Activated or Aspiring Visionaries of the World!

Are you planning on launching an online product or program in the near future?


Do you have a sense of what it takes to launch, but feel overwhelmed by the process and wish you had someone to guide you through it step-by-step?

If so, continue reading…

Online launches are often times complex, challenging and highly stressful.

Devin Slavin, conscious business coach & founder of Conscious Webpreneur.

They tend to be high-risk activities – Even if you think you followed all the steps or the right formula, they could still fail, leaving you feeling confused, hopeless, and sometimes even like giving up all together…

I am one to know. I’ve personally launched over 50 online courses, products and programs – both on my own and guiding others through the process.

I have helped generate (many) hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue through these launches, including one which went beyond the 6-figure mark alone.

I’ve also seen launches flop before. It’s the worst thing ever… To put everything you’ve got into an offering and have no-one buy.

(Sometimes even worse, 2 people might buy when you needed 20 and now you either have to cancel or stretch yourself thin to make it work for such a few clients.)

So what makes or breaks a launch? How can you set yourself up for success when there’s so much at stake?

What if you could go through the entire launch process with a personal coach who is skilled in creating courses, products, and whole businesses from scratch and launching them to 6-figures and beyond?

INTRODUCING: Conscious Webpreneur 1-on-1 Launch Coaching with Devin Slavin

CW Launch Coaching includes these core components:

  • 12, 50-minute 1-on-1 Launch Coaching Calls with Devin Slavin for guidance throughout the complete launch process.
  • First call includes an additional 30-min. to provide a deep-dive experience in designing your launch.
  • Complete launch assessment and planning process to have your launch setup for success from the beginning!
  • Email access to Devin for questions you have in between coaching calls – Limited to twice per week on weeks without coaching calls.

Your Personal Launch Assessment

► Designed to effectively gather all necessary information to create a complete launch plan.

Creating Your Complete Launch Plan

► As an essential part of the launch process, you’ll create a complete launch plan with timeline, giving you the ability to keep track of all the moving parts and focus on what matters now.

Crafting Your Signature Product, Program, or Service

► You’ll get expert guidance on putting together a world-class product or program and packaging it to create an irresistible offer.

Personalized Strategy for Building Your Online Platform

► There are limitless options for creating your online launch. To save you from tech overwhelm and wasting precious time/money, we will determine what systems and tools will suit your needs best.

Designing & Scheduling Your Complete Multi-channel Outreach Campaign

► To effectively launch your offering, you’ll need multiple outreach campaigns including, but not limited to: Emails to get people on your optin sequence, for once they’re in your sequence, for after they purchase, for getting affiliates on board, for reminding affiliates, plus all your social media channels (FB pages and groups, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Google+, etc.)

Ongoing 1-on-1 Coaching Calls with Devin Slavin 2x/Month

► Focused on getting feedback and strategizing your next steps so you can launch with tremendous success.

Experience Matters.

As your coach, I've been privileged of managing many successful online launches which included nearly every major type of product or program marketing and delivery:

To high-level marketing & strategy consulting

To managing & writing weekly broadcasts to large email lists

To managing cross-platform social media

To creating private member forums & engaging online community

To building top-level customer support systems

To partnering with experts in multiple industries

To setting up physical product fulfillment & distribution systems

To building & managing affiliate programs & referral partner systems

Overall, I get what it takes to design, build, launch, and facilitate world-class courses. I get that world-class customer service is essential for running a successful business of any type. I get that there is a huge amount of trust required to partner with someone and endorse their offerings.

About Your Personal Launch Coach

Devin Slavin, founder of Conscious Webpreneur, is a highly-skilled 6-Figure Online Business Coach & Consultant, dedicated to working with Conscious Leaders who are out to thrive financially while making a difference in the world.

Devin has a long-time background in Regenerative Design, Leadership Development, Nature Mentoring & Online Business and has successfully launched & lead many types of online courses, workshops, and coaching programs.

Devin works solely with conscious leaders on projects that will make the world a better place and believes anything is possible as long as we listen deeply, get clear about our goals, and become 100% committed to our vision coming true.


“In the work that I do around the world, so much of it requires online training & communication. I know Devin Slavin as a very skilled person in this area, with a wide range of experience and knowledge of various platforms and how they link together. In one of our recent projects, the framework that Devin created for me allowed me to be my best. I was able to focus on my gifts and the things I wanted to bring to my clients – and overall felt really free in my own creative expression. Working with Devin over the years has generated a lot of success for our organization and a lot of positive feedback from participants. You’re going to love working with Devin!”

Jon Young

World-renowned author, naturalist, & mentor, 8 Shields Institute

“I am so grateful to have found Devin – he is literally the answer to my entrepreneurial prayers! I couldn’t have dreamed up a better fit. Devin is kind, compassionate, highly conscious and effective. He possesses a particularly wonderful toolbox of talents and gifts in a combination I’ve never seen before. He is helping me bring a beautiful meaningful order out of of my creative chaos.  He is the missing link and the perfect partner, teacher and mirror to any creative entrepreneur trying to change the world with their movement. I give my highest recommendation to Devin and wish I could clone him three times over!”

Nicole Keating

Visionary artist, creative coach, & podcast host, The Art of Epic Wellness

“I’ve worked with Devin Slavin for the past 4 years. He has built and facilitated multiple online courses and teleseminars for me in that time. I have always been impressed with Devin’s ability to lead these projects and his level of awareness and responsiveness to both the presenters and the clients. His mindfulness to customer service is what I feel set him apart.

Devin is more than just a person who has the technical expertise to ensure high quality online trainings, he is a Visionary who brings a powerful level of passion to his work.”

Sal Gencarelle

Author, mentor, healer & ceremonial leader, A Man Among the Helpers

Conscious Webpreneur Launch Coaching FAQ

Q: When should I sign up for this if I’m still planning my launch, but not ready to start?
A: Sign up as early as possible, so we can get you developing your launch master plan right away. Then, if you want to delay your follow-up calls a bit, that is an option. Certain aspects of the launch process require as much lead time as possible.
Q: Why do you include Conscious Course Creators Bootcamp & Conscious Coaching Kickstart with this as bonuses?
A: Each of those courses have a great deal of value in terms of product and program creation in them. Conscious Course Creators Bootcamp is perfect for essentially anyone who is creating an online product. Conscious Coaching Kickstart is great for anyone creating a coaching program. Between the two of those courses, it covers most income streams for online coaches, community leaders, healers, and consultants.
Q: How long do I have to use all my coaching calls?
A: CW Launch Coaching is designed to provide you with weekly coaching calls. That said, if you wish to setup an alternative schedule with Devin, please provide these details after you sign-up.
Q: Can I add more coaching calls if I want to continue after the 6 months?

A: Yes, after you join, please email us and we will provide you with a special rate.

Q: Are you available to help me implement projects, such as building an online course?
A: Yes, please contact us at and let us know what you’re needing. We will get back to you with an estimate or further questions regarding your project.

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